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मन अतिसुंदर Mann Atisundar Full Episode 134 Dangal TV

मन अतिसुंदर Mann Atisundar Full Episode 134 Dangal TV
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मन अतिसुंदर Mann Atisundar Full Episode 134 Dangal TV

Mann Atisundar Mann Atisundar Full Episode 134 Dangal TV Download now to watch full episodes of your favorite shows Dangal Play Pup Sundar [Bsmaurya] Hain maid ji, what were you doing inside the store room? Pham ji had given us some work in his office. There are some boxes which need to be cut and fixed.

That’s all you were doing. Okay, so let us also help you. That creature named Kali should not even wander around these boxes. No, Kali ji, there is no need for him. We will do all this work. You, you rest, we just need something. I needed the same stuff for cutting papers, I am going to get the same, we will bring it, you rest, okay.


मन अतिसुंदर Mann Atisundar

[Bsmaurya] Hey Divyam ji, he gives all the work to the maid, can’t we see him and what is the material for cutting paper, we tear the paper straight away, are you blind, can’t you see, can’t walk properly after seeing, so you also come. Mother-in-law could have done it, but you were engrossed in eating Gulab Jamun. On one hand, I am also worried because of my future husband. On top of that, you and I are raising the temperature in our minds. The one who always keeps troubling everyone is herself troubled. Look, tell me, daughter, why are you worried? We need the material for cutting paper. Divyam ji told the maid in his

मन अतिसुंदर Mann Atisundar Full Episode 134 Dangal TV
मन अतिसुंदर Mann Atisundar Full Episode 134 Dangal TV


  1. Some office work has been given to her and she has gone to get paper cutting material.
  2. Now only God knows, we live in a village. Now we don’t know whether paper cutting
  3. material is also there. We used to make only boats by tearing paper. This is the right
  4. opportunity to taste the fun of this bud and to harm Divyaam. One shot and two victims.
  5. First thing is that it is called a paper cutter. Second thing is that it is very easy to
  6. operate, daughter. You really have it, you will teach us too, why exactly? No, come with
  7. me, there is a pot kept in it, quickly take it and finish all the work, damn it, go and do
  8. any work quickly.

In a hurry, the second task gets spoiled. This is the paper and this is the paper cutter machine and it is very easy to operate. How to do it? First turn it on like this, okay then put this paper inside it like this. Now see how all these papers are cut. It comes out, ‘Oh wow, it is taking out very beautiful paper. We can also do such an easy job.’ He tells the maid, ‘Sai Saas ji, let us get applause, let us take this machine, yes, yes, of course. Now look, you are the future daughter-in-law of this house. Yes and everything in this house is only and only

It is your right, why bud, daughter, I said it right, I won, mother-in-law, you said it right, now hold this and we are going with this machine, now let’s see how this bud becomes like a paper, come son, on these servant lines, absolutely. One should not trust, one should focus on one’s work because these people are not bothered by anyone, they are idlers, elder grandmother, I have full faith in Radhika, I have just talked to her on video call, she must have done everything right, she did all that. Okay son, but still what is the harm in keeping an eye on your work and it will not take long for the work to get spoiled.

It seems like son, what is the harm in taking a look once, okay if you say so then let’s take a look, Munna, it is floating here and there, it is of no use to you, no no, Divyaam ji, we had gone to search for the cutter, we found it. He was not there that’s why we got late Divyaam, we don’t trust him at all, we don’t know what work he might have done, let’s go and see once, come on bud, what is he doing?

[Bsmaurya] You [Bsmaurya] Who did you ask to touch these boxes? I had given this work to Radhika, so who gave you permission to touch these boxes? How much harm have you done to my Divyam ji, we were just helping you. Don’t help me, stop helping me and stop shedding these tears, you master, you please calm down, Kali ji did not do it intentionally, keep quiet Radhika, does one who commits a mistake always support the one who commits another mistake? I told you I told you that I

मन अतिसुंदर Mann Atisundar Full Episode Dangal TV

I don’t trust Kali at all, don’t even let her wander around my work, then why did you leave with the door open and I don’t understand why Kali spoils my work every time, this is too much, mother-in-law gave us this machine. Hey, I understood everything, mother-in-law, how did I know that you will sit down to cut the boxes, I thought you would cut the paper, so I gave it to you and missed it. I am not able to understand that I had given this task to Radhika, so that you could not interfere. What was the need Divyaam, she was just helping you, please Badi Dadi, not cover up her mistakes every time.

Stop pouring, you have caused such a big loss today, what answer will I give to me and the clients? I, boss, please calm down. Making these boxes is not a very difficult task, but we can make them even better by applying paper on them. If you design it beyond that, it will look very beautiful, you can do it, we will try our best, you are the noise of Radhe, otherwise there will be a lot of trouble, yes, give them, okay, then do it, and all of you, listen carefully. Listen, after today if this bud is seen anywhere near any of my work then it will not be good.


You must have heard it, Kali, we were going to play the band of this marigold flower here, but here Divyam organized a class for Kali and this marigold flower stole the applause, so [Bsmaurya] Different [Bsmaurya] Kali was negligent in the Shanti Puja yesterday. Because of this, everyone was in a dilemma, today by the grace of Bholenath, we have got the same, O Bholenath, please shower your blessings on Radhika and Divyam [Bsmaurya] Rakna [Bsmaurya] Divyam ji, yours

[Bsmaurya] Coffee: The taste of today’s coffee is different, see what happened, we have put the same things which we put every day, it is not good, what is put in it every day is not what is put today, what is the happiness in it, the meaning is that Radhika. The clients liked the boxes we had sent after redesigning them so much that they not only ordered our packaging but also ordered our food and it all happened because of you and only because of you. Thank you. I do one thing, tell papa, come back Divyaam ji ha coffee [bsmaurya] [bsmaurya]

Man Atisundar | 05 December 2023 |

Coffee Oho Radhika ji son, I have forgotten to wear my slippers. After offering water to the Sun God, I think I will go to the temple from here, please bring my slippers please grandmother, we will bring them. Oh Surya Namah Om Aditya Nam Radhika [Bsmaurya] Bahu ji, last night the mosquito You got bitten a lot. Look, you are itching. Did you have that cold powder? Yes, Taiji, we will bring it now, just give these slippers to grandmother, after that it’s okay, okay, bring it quickly, I am in the room. Yes, keep the slippers here. powder to tai ji

As soon as the morning dawns, everyone starts chanting the rosary of Radhika’s name as if she is the daughter-in-law and not the maid of the house. Yesterday because of her we were scolded by Divyam ji and he took away the praise. Today it will be the opposite [bsmaurya] Will Kadapur do Matka in the morning? Where are you going, heat the mustard oil and bring it for us, massage our feet, mistress, just for two minutes.

Let us do one thing and then we will massage your feet comfortably. Hey, this maid’s tantrums are also different, what kind of noise is this [bsmaurya]

Tha Aaram Aaram Se Da Aaram Aaram Se D Nothing, I am nothing, okay, what happened, what happened [Bsmaurya] Grandma, are you okay, didn’t anything happen to you? Seeing you fall, I was almost scared even of BT Usha. We came running fast to save you. If you had fallen on this thorny tree, you would have definitely become blind and lame. Yes, thank you Kali, nothing happened to her for saving grandmother. Are you okay? Are you okay Prabha? We are just amateurs carrying wood. But it seems that now you need her. Hey, you don’t know how to walk properly, you are slipping in broad daylight, you were walking properly, I don’t know.

Grandma, how did you slip? There is powder in your slippers, O mace flower, this is your work, no no no, mistress, we did not do anything, then what is the powder doing in your hands, you have been moving in and out since morning and When we told her about some work, she made an excuse and left, no, mistress, Tai ji wanted the powder, she is itching, so we were just going to give her the powder. Yes, I was itching, but you took too long to bring the powder. I I was waiting for so long for you to bring the powder, Taiji. We were coming to you with the powder.

But till then I heard so much noise, I came running here, maid ji, if it is your mistake then accept it, no one gets smaller by accepting your mistake, but Kali ji, we have not done anything, look, everyone can see that your hands There is powder in my slippers, there is powder in my slippers, it is visible to everyone, so why are you not admitting your mistake? Okay, ji, let’s let the matter go, what is the use of increasing it, because of a mistake, you people have made this maid the crown of your head. You cover up her every mistake and if the future daughter-in-law makes a small mistake, you scold her.

[Bsmaurya] Hey Gaida flower, listen to one thing, open your ears after today and if you do anything wrong in the future, you will be punished in such a way that you will remember it for the rest of your life [Bsmaurya] Whatever you say, ever since this bud has come in the house, the fun has doubled Sujata. That both the real and fake daughters-in-law are one more than the other, I am fed up with these daily dramas, it is better that I concentrate on my exercises [Bsmaurya]


I am Vim ji, what are you doing, till now I am fine with you Radhika, if I remain in bed for one or two more days then my body will get rusted, do you understand what are you doing, this is you Radhika Divyam ji, you are not jogging. Do walking. If the machine gets rusted, then it can be repaired by running it slowly. If it suddenly starts running, then the machine will sit completely. It’s okay. Bring protein shake for us [bsmaurya] No, don’t walk. what remains

[Bsmaurya] [Bsmaurya] What are you doing? We also want to exercise like you. Why do we also want these biscuits you have made on our stomach? [Bsmaurya] What are you doing? You see, I don’t like this. I don’t like everything at all, you talk to me from a distance, this Divyam ji also enjoys it a lot.

When you look at becoming a hero, then you keep taking off your shirt and roaming around in front of Kali ji [bsmaurya] Master, you wash off the sweat, wait, wait, we ask what are you doing, I told you to stay away from me, I will do it myself Divyaam [ Sangeet] How many days will you stay away from your future wife and if she wants to exercise with you and improve her health, then what is the problem in it? Do you want a wife like a marigold flower, who can blossom from anywhere like a ginger? I will hire a personal trainer for this, there is no need for him, he is yours.

Will she exercise together? How will she exercise? Badi grandmother, you can’t exercise wearing a saree like this. Don’t worry about her, Radhika. Take this protein shake to my room. [Bsmaurya] Come, their closeness is still intact, something big has to be done.