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Mobile Chori Ki Repot kese kare @bsmaurya

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Mobile Chori Ki Repot kese kare @bsmaurya

If your mobile phone gets stolen or lost somewhere while traveling, nowadays it has become very easy to file a complaint. For your information, let us tell you that in the year 2019, the Department of Telecommunications (DoT)Mobile Chori Ki Repot kese kare @bsmaurya  had created Central Equipment Identity (CEIR) to block stolen or lost phones on every network. Initially this facility was available only in Dadra and Nagar Haveli, Goa and Maharashtra. But now it has spread throughout the country. So let us see how with the help of this facility you can lodge a complaint about your phone being lost.Mobile Chori Ki Repot kese kare @bsmaurya

Know what is this service of CEIR

Let us tell you that CEIR – was a project started by the Department of Telecommunications. The objective of this project is to block every mobile network, protect mobile devices from fake IMEI and trace lost or stolen mobiles. You may know that all mobile phones have a type of IMEI number for identification. It is a reprogrammable, which is why when the mobile is stolen the IMEI number is reprogrammed, thereby cloning the IMEI.

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According to the department, many cases of Clone/Fake IMEI Handset have been reported in the network. In such a situation, CEIR works as a mechanism for all network operators to exchange data on blacklisted mobile devices. Due to which devices blacklisted in one network will not work in any other network, even if the SIM card from the mobile is changed.


How to find your phone by IMEI number

* In case of mobile theft, first file a report in your nearest police station.

* After this, go to CEIR website to disable the IMEI number of the mobile.

* On the home page of the website itself, you will see an option of ‘Block Stolen/Lost Mobile’, click on it.

* After this the Request for Blocking lost/Stolen Mobile Phone page will open in front of you.

* Fill the information asked on this page like your mobile number, place where it was lost, date of loss or theft, your address, name of the mobile owner, identity proof etc.

* After filling the details, fill the OTP and click on declaration.

*Finally submit.


As soon as your information is entered, you will receive a request ID. With which you can monitor your stolen phone. Not only this, when your phone is found, you can also unblock the blocked IMEI number. For which you will have to follow some steps, like-

* Visit CEIR website to unblock IMEI number.

* Then on the main page you click on ‘Un-Block Found Mobile’.

* After this enter Request ID and your mobile number.

*And then finally submit.

What is CEIR ‘s ‘ Know Your Mo bile ‘ service ?

The government has launched a service called ‘Know Your Mobile’ on the CEIR platform. With its help you can check the validity of your device. Not only this, you can also find out the IMEI number of the device by entering *#06#. In this, you will see the status of the mobile on your screen, such as whether the IMEI number of the mobile is blacklisted, fake or already in use or not.

Three ways to know mobile status _ _

– With the help of SMS

Type KYM <15 digit IMEI number> and send SMS to 14422 from your mobile. After this you will know whether the IMEI number of the phone is blacklisted or fake.

– With the help of web portal

Correct information can also be obtained through web portal. For this, you will see the option of Webportal in the ‘Know Your Mobile’ section on the CEIR website. After clicking, fill the given information. After this you will be able to check the validity of the phone from IMEI number.

– With the help of KYM app

This Android app has been developed by the Center for Development of Telematics (C-DOT). With its help you can find out whether the IMEI number of the phone is correct or not. With the help of KYM app, you can know whether the mobile is blacklisted, fake or not.