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Dunki Movie REVIEW in Hindi #BSMAURYA

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Dunki Movie REVIEW in Hindi #BSMAURYA

Boss in 2023: South directors have completely ruled Indian cinema. People are scolding Bollywood all around, but there is one name which can take revenge of father, brother and son and make Bollywood stand ahead of them all. You must have heard the name Rajkumar Hirani, the director whose record is 100% success in Indian cinema, zero flops and this time the name of the nuclear bomb that is going to explode on the heads of the public is Donkey, which can be a hat-trick film of Badshah Shahrukh Khan. The trailer of the film Sal 3000 Crore came and as expected, many people liked it immediately.

Dhunki Movie Review in Hindi

Cold, boring, long and may even feel like a disaster to some. This is what Rajkumar Rani wants. Hirani sahib starts thinking from where your thinking ends. Just watch these four frames in the trailer, after that you will automatically get the idea. It will be known that there will be many things in the film which no one has even remotely thought of. You are watching the visuals, you are absolutely top level, I don’t know how many countries we will visit in a single film, without paying for tickets and visas, if this video Not just a photo, seeing it also brings excitement in the mind, there is a different story hidden in every picture.


Dunki Movie REVIEW in Hindi #BSMAURYA
Dunki Movie REVIEW in Hindi #BSMAURYA

You have internet inside the frame, don’t you? Now go and watch the trailer of any movie Sanju PK Even Three Ditts, you will not see anything in it whereas what have you not seen inside these movies, we have got the power to change our real life, this is how Just as in Hollywood, when you go to the theater to watch the films of big directors, there is no cinema there; the doors to a new world open up. Similarly, Raju Hirani will show the world, not the donkey, which perhaps people will like more than the reality. You will feel like staying inside for more than an hour. It definitely starts with the spelling of Dunki.

Dunki Movie REVIEW in Hindi #BSMAURYA

But E for Emotions is going to be its real identity, a small sample of which is this trailer. Yes, it is a different thing that some people are saying that Donkey’s emotions are of outdated type. This film should have been released in 2013 and not in 2023. Brother, absolutely. I disagree with this statement of yours, even today you can discuss Three Dears with your family, you can start a debate on PK, you can laugh at Munna Bhai, just like that, Donkey is a timeless film, emotions never become new or old, on the contrary, I want the trailer. It felt fresh, it is just the opposite of Heropanti, tell the truth, whether you are a Pathan or a young man, these two trailers

Dunki Movie REVIEW in Hindi

How much variation did you see in Shahrukh Khan’s acting? Same action mass cool look but in Donkey Shahrukh Khan is changing colors like a chameleon. Boss started the trailer with romance in every scene and later also showed us the comedy avatar. There was a little drama of crying and then the action avatar suddenly woke up. I have never seen any director till date making Shahrukh Khan try so many things in one film. The last time he was used like this was in DDLJ and that film. Changed the face of Indian cinema. Even today, even after 30 years, shows are still running in theaters.


  • You can write it down, other movies have established Shahrukh as a star, but Donkey
  • will make him respect as an actor in front of the whole world, but I can see a fear from a
  • little distance, maybe some people agree with me. I don’t know why but the photo of Lal
  • Singh Chaddha is knocking on the door of my mind without being invited. There was
  • something like that in showing the whole life of a person in which there is nothing
  • normal but Aamir’s over performance took it away, see. The trailer is not as happening
  • as the style of Jawan and Pathan because Shahrukh talks about everything here.


They are telling that there is no work of kicks inside. Yes, this thing also seemed a bit strange to me as to why this heavy accent was given to SRK. Honestly, it does not suit him much and does not even make any difference, but it is compensated by this last one, SRK’s unexpected. The look has taken the trailer of Donkey to a different level. Just with this one smart move, this guy is not just pretending to be an old man, he is forced to look old with make-up and you know how dangerous an old man is, I have seen. Many people were praying for the content of Dunki after Salal trailer.

If Karr comes out, it will be fun brother, I have only two words for you, Moe Moe, you don’t have any taste in cinema. A true cinema lover would like that both the movies, Danki on 21st and Salaar on 22nd, burst Diwali crackers at the box office. That should increase the prestige of meme pages, as after listening to every story, people ask what is the moral of the story. From the danky trailer it is known that in this film, you will go with the family, not alone at all, but only after watching the film, you will know that. Will there be one more zero behind it or not Raju Hirani Sir, there is a first time for everything, take care in the rest of the video.


If you like something or have any complaint, I will let you know.